Fitness Philosophy

I believe in personal training programs that inspire you to take ownership of your fitness and nutrition journey.


Focusing on consistency, variability, and mind-body connection, not only will you will feel motivated to reach your goals, you will have the tools to keep your fitness level high for the rest of your life. 



Consistency is the key to making meaningful changes in your lifestyle. When you meet with me, we will determine the best schedule for your busy life to help you reach your goals and understand how to sustain the changes in your body and mind along the way. 



Have you ever tried running on the treadmill every day, or getting up at 6 am to work out every day before work? If so, you have probably gotten sick of the gym. In my program, variability is the focus of weekly scheduling. What are your favorite forms of exercise? We will incorporate these into your fitness plan to help increase motivation and keep your mind engaged. 




Your mental state directly affects your exercise output. To bridge the gap between body and mind, I incorporate yoga, meditation, and journaling to your healthy lifestyle path. In training practices and classes, I focus on the mind-muscle connection to activate the power of your mind.