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1 hour consultation

In my fitness program, we start with a 1-hour consultation to determine your goals, your current exercise patterns, your eating habits, and your next steps. We will take measurements and do preliminary fitness tests to get a baseline. If needed, you will be required to see a doctor for medical clearance before we perform fitness tests. 

Comfortability Phase

Then, we have several classes in person to learn the movements that will help you reach your goals. During this phase, I will give you recipes and a few nutrition tips to implement. Additionally, I will encourage all clients to journal, meditate, and do yoga as part of this phase. 


After that, we will make a workout schedule that you will carry out independently, with weekly check-ins and an optional weekly workout and weekly yoga class with me in-person or online. During this phase, I will give you more nutrition advice specific to your diet to try at home. Every 2 weeks, we will take measurements and perform fitness tests to compare to the baseline. During this phase, I will help you with recipes and can come to do nutrition demos in your home or online if desired.


After our agreed-on time period, I will analyze a final fitness test and a set of measurements to compare to the baseline set. This will reveal the changes in your body and help motivate you to continue living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We will assess your progress and make new goals with aligned actions for you to continue to carry out in your life. 

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