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Horse Training

Horses are a mirror of our soul. 
Through natural horsemanship and liberty techniques, my horse training style helps your horse find their purpose and build a foundation of trust and understanding from which to grow with you. Horses are wonderful friends and partners, and there is so much we can learn from them if we listen. 


Horse Behavior Evaluation

Using my experience and intuition, I will work with your horse to discover the source of behavioral issues and create a training program catered to your horse. 


Tips and Tricks - Training

If you are looking for guidance with training, I can help guide the creation of your training program and answer questions along the way so that you can strengthen the bond between you and your horse. 

Natural Horsemanship


The Natural horsemanship method is based on creating a foundation of trust between horse and human. Trust is the key to any relationship. Developing this trust takes courage, consistency, and clear communication (the three C's). 

Responsiveness, Rythym, Respect, Relaxation 
When I am training horses, I first look for them to develop responsiveness to my cues. You should be the most important thing in the ring to your horse, and they should pay attention to you. If they are slow to respond, this indicates a lack of respect and attention. 

Next, I look for rhythm in their movement and in the tasks I ask of them. Rythym means they are paying attention and are able to follow through on what I ask them to do for an extended period of time without distraction or fear. 

I earn their respect by moving their feet and staying consistent in my asks.

Lastly, I look for Relaxation - are they relaxed and willing partners in the dance? If they are tense, that means they are in their fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system) whereas if they are relaxed, they are in their creative and relaxed mode (parasympathetic nervous system). 


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