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Cucumber, Apple, Kiwi Breakfast Smoothie

By Aleese Holiday 

Sometimes you wake up and just don’t feel like eating breakfast. Having one of those days? 

Try drinking this smoothie instead. This breakfast alternative is filled with antioxidants, protein, and fiber, filling you up without weighing you down. 

It’s a great way to incorporate extra nutrients into your meal plan, and it’s delicious!

The chia seeds offer protein, fiber, and vitamins to power you through your day. The sweetness of the kiwi and apple wakes you up, and the cucumber offers nutrients and antioxidants essential for keeping your body healthy. This smoothie kick-starts your morning and tastes amazing!

Cucumber, Apple, Kiwi Breakfast Smoothie

(Makes 2 servings)


½ cup almond milk or alternative milk

½ cup juice

⅛ cup lemon juice or 1 lemon, juiced

½ english cucumber with skins on

½ apple, sliced

1 kiwi, skinned and sliced

2 Tbsp. chia seeds

1 Tsp. Ground ginger 

½ cup Ice


  1. Chop cucumber, kiwi, and apple into slices. Skin the kiwi but leave the skin on the apple and the cucumber. 

  2. Add almond milk and juice to the blender, followed by the fruit, chia seeds, ginger, and ice. 

  3. Blend on medium until the smoothie reaches a smooth consistency. 

  4. Pour into two glasses and enjoy as a super healthy balanced breakfast.


Use these additions to change the taste and vitamin complex of the smoothie. 

  1. Add protein powder.

Need an energy boost in the morning? Add your favorite protein powder

  1. Thin your smoothie.

I love thick smoothies, but they aren’t for everyone. If you want more liquid, add another ½ - 1 cup almond milk or juice, depending on your taste preference. 

  1. No Ginger or lemon juice? No problem.

This recipe is still delicious without these two additions. Add a little more juice if you don’t have lemon juice to maintain a thin consistency.  

  1. Opt for a low-sugar option...

 Replace the ½ cup of juice for ½ cup of water for a low-sugar treat. 

Try this smoothie the next time you are craving a healthy, liquid breakfast. 

Photos by Aleese Holiday. 

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