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Welcome to my fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle blog, and personal training program


I help real people with busy lives find lasting fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle balance. 

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  Personal Trainer   

 Yoga Teacher  Sports Nutritionist 

Lifestyle Coach 

  Strength and Conditioning Specialist 

Hi! My name is Aleese Holiday, a certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, strength and conditioning specialist, and yoga teacher (RYT 200-hour).


I am motivated to help you identify your holistic lifestyle balance by optimizing your nutrition, empowering your workouts, and incorporating yoga and meditation to aid mental and psychological health. 


As an avid mountain biker, skier, trail runner, hiker, weightlifter, horseback rider, and yoga practitioner, my days often include more than one awesome adventure. 

My passion is helping you find your unique lifestyle balance. Let's get started! 


"Aleese is extremely motivating. She helped me get off the couch and keep my legs moving when I broke both arms in an accident." 

Marianne/Car Salesperson/Personal Training Client

"Aleese's workouts always make me sore, but in a good way! I look and feel much stronger after working with her."

Molly / 3rd Grade Teacher/Personal Training Client

Previous Clients

I have been fortunate enough to work with these companies to help others live the life they dream of. 

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